Meet Our Team

Jamie Gieseke

Growing up on a grain and livestock farm in South Central Minnesota, Jamie understands the importance of keeping the farming operation in a solid financial position. Within short order, Jamie’s passion for agriculture and the commodity markets became recognized with many producers in his territory. This has allowed him to help build a program designed around helping the producer prosper.

Jamie feels it’s important to understand market factors including, fundamental and technical analysis of commodity markets. Jamie enjoys working with producers that are looking to maintain solid sales to lock in profit and let the plan they implement go to work. Jamie also enjoys working with accounts that are more inclined to be more active and are open to trading possible opportunities in the marketplace. As all speculators know, not every trade idea is correct. Jamie is able to aid in the decision-making process and talk through the risks involved and can offer his ideas on how to limit risks through the use of other market tools. Jamie is Series 3, and Series 30 licensed and you will most likely catch him working at his office in beautiful downtown Sioux Falls.


Luke Routh

Luke’s background began with row crop production in South Central Minnesota. He graduated from MSU, Mankato in 2002 with a B.S. in General Management. Luke has a dedication to the agriculture industry with several businesses aimed toward the progressive farm operation. His recent focus has been to implement a disciplined grain marketing program that utilizes a diverse group of alternative contracts designed to save producers time and lower costs.



Jamie and Luke’s partnership started three years ago as Jamie worked for a grain origination company and Luke worked as an independent grain marketer. Since then Jamie and Luke have decided to join together to help build RGC Commodities. Jamie and Luke have cultivated new relationships in Chicago that will help connect the producer with every tool there is within grain marketing and be able to deliver it right to the kitchen table.